Batiendo los bordes: Entrevista a Sam Campbell

The music of poetry must be a music latent in the common speech of its time. And that means also that it must be latent in the common speech of the poet’s place.

T. S. Eliot

Sam Campbell, the irish drummer that’s rockin’ it down in Berlin and London next to the awesome bands: HAWK and Mangoseed.

When I listen to both proposals, something inside of me implodes, it’s like putting the Yang and the Boom in a mixer, shakin’ it and the result is a big party. What you get in a song is the same you’re looking for when you write: to generate a message and, simultaneously, an endless number of meanings and interpretations that each one of us decodes.

Shooting Sam!!

  • Musical influences? Steve Gadd, Herbie Hancock, Pearl Jam, Jus†ice, and Robert Glasper.
  • Book? The Catcher in the Rye.
  • Movie? Ex-Drummer.
  • Art movement? Seattle Grunge.
  • Place to be? The Ocean.
  • Animal? Cat.
  • Beer? Sternburg.
  • Most intense show you’ve ever played in? An abandoned insane asylum in East London with Mangoseed.
  • Are you going to Dave Grohl’s new pub opening in London, this September 15th? I had no idea Mr. Grohl was in the Hospitality business, I’ll be sure to check it out.

I liked both musical proposals.
HAWK. Reminded me to the sound of The Cranberries or Karen O, because of the voice. Their resemblance is undeniable.
Mangoseed. The sound of this band is a mixture of funk, punk, reggae and synthesizers. Their energetic attitude made me want to jump.
I think both bands are incredibly poetic, they have such a vision of the world where justice, equality and passion must prevail.

  1. Your drums, in HAWK and Mangoseed, are different. Talk to me about the transition between these two sounds and how’s the creative process of each one of them. Over the last ten years I have worked with a range of musicians and artists spanning many different genres. Whether its dub, rock, grunge, trip-hop, hip-hop or just straight up pop, surprisingly they all do share common ground. That common ground is that every songwriter is trying to communicate a message through their music. As a musician, particularly a supporting musician, it is extremely useful to understand the meaning behind a piece of music before diving in headfirst. Getting familiar with the meaning behind a song and relating that meaning to your own experience can provide inspiration and instil passion into your performance.In terms of transitioning between different genres from one rehearsal to the next, I personally find it useful to leave any preconceptions at the door and enter the rehearsal with an open mind and more importantly open ears.With regard the creative process in relation to HAWK and Mangoseed, my experience of writing music with these bands was initially very similar. By which I mean that when I joined there was already material written. For me, initially, it was just about learning the parts and getting to know the vibe of each band.

    Speaking generally about the creative process when writing as a collective, in my experience there have been two ways of writing.

    Firstly and generally the most common is that one member of the band will come to the rehearsal with an idea. Either a guitar riff, a melody, a chord progression, a drum beat etc. That idea becomes the starting point for the creation of a song. Following that initial spark, each musician contributes ideas for their instrument. These ideas are jammed out, and opinions are shared. Finally a structure starts to form and ideas get refined until you have something that resembles a song. A rough recording is then made on someones phone and listened to before the next rehearsal when the process continues. I have heard this referred to as Instinctive Writing.

    Secondly and arguably less frequent, is that someone brings a fully formed, structured and orchestrated idea to the rehearsal. This may have been pre produced using computer software and shared prior to rehearsal for each musician to learn, or each idea may be explained at the beginning of the rehearsal. In my experience this has been a lot less common due to the fact it requires one person to take on the role of guitarist, drummer, bassist and singer all at once before utilising the team of musicians around them to facilitate their ideas. This has been referred to as Analytical Writing.

    Both methods can achieve great results and both Mangoseed and HAWK have used both methods at various times


  2. Do you think multiculturalism in Mangoseed impacts on the unique and specific sound of the band? Mangoseed’s multiculturalism is the cornerstone of our sound. With each member growing up continents and even hemispheres apart, the wide collective musical taste that comes from such diverse backgrounds leads to a wide variety of influences. Nicholai, our singer, often describes our sound as a mixing pot. We call it a stew in Ireland. We each come with our own tastes and flavours and pour it all into one hot bubbling pot before serving it to our audience.


  3. HAWK is an unfailing musical proposal. Mangoseed goes beyond the bounds. Can you tell me what’s next with them?
    So I’ll start with HAWK. We are just about to go on tour to the UK to play shows in Newcastle, Manchester, Hull, London and Birmingham before heading back to Berlin to support The Drums at The Lido. Check out our Facebook for a full list of Gigs.We have a double A-Side Single being released in mid November so keep an ear out as they will be available on Vinyl and Digitally through iTunes and Spotify.After a short hiatus over the summer to welcome the latest member to the Mangoseed family.We will be heading to New York City in October for a few shows in Manhattan. I don’t want to give too much away but if you have ever seen Jumanji, that is how we intend to leave New York. Like the jungle came down and the party didn’t stop.

    We want the entire island of Manhattan jumping when we jump.

    We are currently working on an album with the view to release a body of work that we are truly happy with.

Thank you so much for your time, Sam. The best of luck for you!!

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